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Welcome to the Business Events Lahti calendar!

Business Events Lahti is a new service that aggregates business events held in the Lahti region. The service is meant for everyone interested in such events – meaning both participants and event organisers!

Discover interesting events focusing on entrepreneurship and business development and sign up to develop yourself and your company, expand your network and find new inspiration! The service also allows event organisers to see when and what kind of events are being held in the region, helping to avoid overlap.

What is Business Events Lahti?

As the name implies, Business Events Lahti is a service for events held in the Lahti region that are centred around the very core of business operations – the establishment of a company, business development and all the operations in support of these, such as communications, marketing and sales. Including both free-of-charge events and ones subject to participation fees, the events listed in the calendar are always open to everyone interested in entrepreneurship and business development.

The Business Events Lahti calendar is public, allowing anyone to see what kind of events are being held in the Lahti region. Initially, the calendar will feature events held by the organisations behind the project and their interest groups. Once the service has been successfully established, the event calendar will be opened to all business event organisers.

Inspiration for entrepreneurship, support for business operations!

The Business Events Lahti calendar was being implemented as part of the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Project, which was a collaboration between Lahti Region Development LADEC Ltd, LAB University of Applied Sciences, Lahti University Campus and LUT University.

The Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Project focused on boosting new business ventures and the emergence of growth companies in the Lahti Region. The project’s shared goal was to increase enthusiasm for entrepreneurship in the Lahti region – to seek and discover entrepreneurship ideas and concepts, develop the competence of entrepreneurs and business networks and thus create new businesses and increase expertise in the region.


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In addition to events, we provide companies and budding entrepreneurs with a wide range of services related to launching and developing business operations – from individual or company-specific sparring to larger business projects. Discover more about our services by clicking the logo and contacting us!


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