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Use of the Business Events Lahti service does not require registration, and we do not collect any personal data from those visiting the website.

Event registration is always carried out via the organiser’s own systems, not via the Business Events Lahti service. The collection and processing of personal data conducted in connection with event registration is the responsibility of the event organiser.

Visitor monitoring at

This website uses Google Analytics software provided by Google Inc. (hereafter referred to as ”Google”) to monitor visitors. The JavaScript code of the monitoring software is run through the service in connection with each loading of the page. Google Analytics identifies users using so-called cookies that are text files stored onto your computer by your browser. The data concerning the use of the website is transmitted and stored on Google servers located in the United States, for example. Google uses this information to compile reports on the use of the website. These reports are used for compiling statistics on the number of users and for the purposes of improving the service.

The user data collected using cookies is anonymous. Users may disable cookies in their browser settings. However, disabling cookies means that the user may not be able to use all of the features of the website. By using this website, the user approves Google data collection for the purposes mentioned above.

In addition to the user monitoring software mentioned above, the website may use other software to monitor visitors. The operational duty cycles of this software are usually not continuous, and in many cases their nature is to test the software for Business Events Lahti for purposes not related to actually monitoring and analysing visitors to

The user monitoring software may record more detailed visitor information than Google Analytics. This visitor information cannot, however, be primarily used to determine whether the data concerns the user or their family or anyone living with them. The software can be used for purposes such as customising content based on determined behavioural rules or identifying mouse movements on the website.

Google Analytics also collects data on user interests based on which pages the browser has visited in the Google Display Network and uses this data to assess the demographic data pertaining to the user. Google Analytics only collects anonymous data on the assumed interests of visitor groups and the assumed demographic data pertaining to visitor groups. No data is collected on the sites visited and individual visitors.

We will provide more detailed information on the software we use and the data it records at any time upon request. Most of the software is discernible from the source code of

Please see the Google privacy page for more information. You can disable Google Analytics monitoring at